In the summer of 2011 the LATINA Summer School will relocate from the Oslo campus to Makerere University Library. Makerere University Library has partnered with Oslo University College and University of Bergen to arrange a three-week LATINA course in Kampala, Uganda.

To apply please visit LATINA IN AFRICA

The LATINA Summer Course is part of the Oslo University College Summer School. The course is delivered by LATINA lab. The course is aimed at those who teach and learn, – students, teachers, librarians and others. The course introduces participants to digital technologies that are web based. In the digital world, texts and tools are available to everybody, hence the need to handle them appropriately and in that process renegotiate our roles and relationships.

Social events and excursions will be arranged during weekends and some afternoons as part of the programme.


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LATINA learning events-Wednesday 14th/July.2010


  1. Creative thinking :
  2. Tutorial films:
  3. Video on photo management(IRENE; MONICA, DAN)-
  4. Photo-map of LATINA students 2010
  5. Scratch-animations
  6. Ning social network

I enjoyed the presentation and learnt alot. One of the issues emphasised during the presentations was good preparation, content, delivery and feedback. Every one was given chance to present their topic and it was very interesting to learn about creative thinking, tutorial films, animations, and the ning; my group presented complex tools in Picasa. Personally I was challenged by the fact that I had to present for about 30 minutes before every one while using the smart board, I loved the challenge and it built my confidence.The feedback/criticism given at the end of the presentations is very helpful to me given the fact that am not a regular people presenter person, as opportunity comes my way I hope to employ the good tips that have been given for one to deliver a good presentation.

All the new technological tools that have been employed by the different groups are very good and I hope to use them in my work as a librarian. For the PICASA tools, I hope to develop a video clip for my library and upload it on the web. Its basically been a nice learning experience!!

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Learning event

Topic : Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


  1. Definition of OPAC and show an example of an OPAC preferably MakULA
  2. How to search: Show a video demonstrating how to use the OPAC
  3. Give an exercise for every one to participate.
  4. Feed back from LATINA class

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Mind mapping trial

OPAC mind map

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HTML trial test

This is my best dish back home!!

  • Matooke
  • Pork
  • Ground nuts

I love this too…

  1. Posho
  2. Beef/Chicken
  3. Beans

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Video project

Who should do the cleaning?

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How to use photostory

Here is a demonstration, very practical in case you have forgotten!!!

Photo story video

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Story telling & Photostory

On Monday, we had a session on story telling by Heidi. It was very interesting and interactive, I loved the experience. Every one had a story to tell!! Stories can be factual, fictitious or imaginative, adventurous etc.

From this lecture, I got to know that stories are for cultural preservation, they communicate a message from one generation to another, and they relax the mind. While telling a story, one MUST avoid the use of BUT, because it changes the flow of the story. A story has four basic concepts, a problem, a hero, bad character, and a place*scene*.

Video on story telling

Today I learnt how to use the camera to take still pictures and create a story out of them. Before taking a picture,
-set the focus before shooting
-How? Press half way down the shooting button..
-Consider the flash towards back-light
-Think about picture composition, obvious photos are very boring
-get to know the camera before hand
-get close to the subject…etc

Photo story 3 for windows is an interesting tool used for creating photo-stories. In it, I can edit pictures, add music, text, and recordings. Today I was able to create such a story about a guided journey to the Norwegian royal Palace, that we uploaded on you tube!!

I can use Photo story in my own work back home to create stories about the sections, branch Libraries and other essential activities that I want the users to know without physically having to visit the Library. The only problem would be that I cant upload them on You-tube, because back home, You-tube is disabled on University premises. I haven’t figured out a way to work around that, and still use photo story!!

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Photo story

Guide to the Royal Palace…

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My word is BAMBI

Bambi is a word used among the Soga and Ganda tribes in Uganda. It has different meanings according to the tone used when using it.

If it’s a low tone, somebody maybe feeling SORRY for another. For example if I knock my foot against a stone, a friend can say “Bambi…”

It can also be used when pleading for a favor from another person or to say..”Please!!…” However at this point it has to be prolonged i.e B.A.M.B.I. For example if I need the seller to reduce the price of something in my favor or when I need a friend to do me a favor, I can say..”Bambi…” meaning please…!!


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